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This is an East Asian entertainment role play, so all East Asians from the industry are welcome.

All muses must be boys between 15-19 years of age, and only 3 muses per mun, 1 per band.

Be realistic → eg. boys cannot get pregnant, and no one dies.

No godmodding, no meta-gaming, no mary-sues, no ooc-drama. (OOC drama = / = IC drama.)

Full literacy is required, so please, d0 n0t tYP3 liek d1s.

Respect each other, the game, and the moderators. Moderators can update rules at any time, and they make the final decision.

Muse journals all need to be from DW and must only be used for this game. It cannot be a fanfic journal, a mun journal, or general rp journal, so it has to be muse specific.

Activity check is done in the last week of every month: [personal profile] directorwoon will post the check, and all muses must respond with lists of their logs and/or journal posts.

Have fun!! :) Any questions can be directed here.