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[Student Council Announcement] November and December Activities

Good day fellow students, its your Student Council Vice President Kim Jongdae here.

As the end of the year draws closer, the student council would like to ask the student body for a few suggestions. We wish to have a winter dance and a winter break field trip for everyone but clashing ideas lead us to this. Down below will be two polls, one to see who wants to go on a field trip and the other with possible winter dance ideas.

Also, the student council will be hosting a small candy gram event. There will be a form below with how to fill out the candy gram. There are three different types, a candy cane, a Christmas tree cookie, and a small teddy bear with a bag of chocolates attached to him. Simply state which one you'd like to buy and who the recipient would be. Can be posted anonymously or not. Prices vary depending on which type of candy gram selected.

Candy Gram Form


Field Trip Poll
If you selected yes, leave a comment below suggesting a place to go for the field trip.

Winter Dance Ideas

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