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If the FAQs don't cover your question, you can ask here. More will come as questions come!

Are J-muses allowed to apply?
Yes! We allow all East Asian muses from the entertainment industry.

Can students leave campus?
They can leave campus and go into the city if they sign out in the administrator's office. However, freshman and sophomore students have curfews, so they cannot stay out long! Truancy is also likely to land students in detention, as a general caution.

How will clubs work? Would clubs need to have a mandatory meeting every month or something?
Club activities and what goes on in clubs will be largely up to its members and president. Presidents should create a blast of some sort as a form of contact between members, but in the case there is no president, a general consensus would suffice!

Are skateboards/rollerblades/scooters allowed on campus?
Yup. :D! However, the school does not hold responsibility if it's left unattended. Just to put this out there, too, any oddly parked vehicles (eg. in the courtyard) will be towed at the owner's expense. And it will be towed. >:o!!

Part-time Jobs?
Yes, students over 16 years of age can have a part-time job, abiding by Seoul's workforce laws. But keep in mind, freshman and sophomore students have curfews, which probably makes working in nightclubs and bartending twice as difficult.

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