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Each area is a building of its own, separate from the rest of the facilities.

Haengbok Hall - The multi-function hall for school events, and dances, can be booked by members of the student council. Something is happening in the hall every day. Max. capacity of 1,200.

All-Star Recreational - This area has a large dome with an indoor pool in one section, and multiple rooms with various sports functions for clubs and classes in the other section. Beside the dome is a regulation-sized track field and baseball diamond adjacent to each other. The pool is open from 6am to midnight daily.

Cheona Library - Once a historical site in Seoul, it has been converted into a library. With twelve floors of books, the library is open 24 hours, complete with study rooms and media rooms with computers for additional studying purposes.

Dormitory - There are four buildings connected through their third floor walkway. Each building represents student year, with each building containing five floors, the first floor split between common area and dining area with kitchen. Freshman and Sophomore students have a curfew of 10pm.

Cafeteria - Serving three meals a day, the cafeteria also has a separate larger common area, and several drinks and food vending machines available 24 hrs.

Infirmary - Located near the All-Star Recreational, students have regular check ups for overall health, and is a place for patch-ups, and other health concerns. School nurses are working on shifts, so there will be at least one nurse working on the clock.

Central Courtyard - Right in the middle of campus is the giant courtyard with a river stream cutting through from one end of the school to the next diagonally, and trees of cherry blossoms lining along pathways for a truly peaceful view when in season. The river has one large wooden bridge in the centre and a couple of smaller ones spaced out. Benches and gazebos are commonly known to be popular destinations for lunches and passing the time.

Arts Zenith - North of Central Courtyard, the performance arts building has a small auditorium for the drama classes and clubs, along with several dedicated rooms for other arts related courses. No one's mentioned whether you're allowed in the auditorium after hours, but since it's normally locked when not in use, the assumption to not be there is a wise one.
Head of Arts Dept.: Professor Koh Yeonggi

Nadia Science - South of the courtyard is the science building, which also has an attached greenhouse to its side, accessed only by those learning biology and chemistry and the teachers. The best feature Nadia Science boasts would be the newly constructed observation deck with its heavy-duty microscope and spacious deck for any class size. The observation deck is off-limits for students without supervision.
Head of Science Dept.: Professor Bae Minhee

Helix Building - The long twisting stretch of building is where most classes are in session from law to history to mathematics to psychology. The administration office is can also be found here.

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